Why have your flagstone floors restored?

Many flagstone floors are hundreds of years old and require restoring and then maintaining to keep them looking good. Even more modern flagstone floors need to be regularly cleaned and maintained to stay clean and healthy and keep the levels of protection on the stone topped up. When your stone becomes worn, grubby and dull it can make the whole room look terrible, but with a nicely kept floor the room is transformed and brightened up so much! You can have your cherished stone floors restored by stripping them back to the bare stone, deep cleaning, neutralising and then sealing or impregnating them. Although flagstones do look lovely sealed, in some instances i.e. with very old flagstones that would have been laid on earth with no DPM, we would recommend impregnating to allow the stone to breathe better as with a topical seal, any moisture from rising damp can become trapped under the seal and turn it white.

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How do we do it?

Because the processes we use are wet, they are virtually dust free. Our new technology allows us to clean your natural stone with complete control for removal of the most ingrained dirt, giving the most thorough cleaning you have ever seen! After the cleaning we can apply a natural stone sealer to your desired finish i.e. low sheen, mid sheen or high gloss that will give a beautiful finish and durable shine and will leave your floors so much easier to clean and maintain. We can alternatively apply an impregnated sealer as explained above.

Warning! Hard floors that are unsealed or sealed with poor quality sealers are a sponge for oil, food or beverage spills which can result in permanent staining. Professional cleaning, sealing and maintenance can protect your flooring investment from permanent damage by creating an invisible barrier to reduce spill penetration.

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FREE Marble and Natural Stone Restoration Audit and Demonstration

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Loic Robertson
Loic Robertson
08:31 12 Dec 19
Richard and Lucy were a pleasure to deal with throughout. Richard was very courteous and took time to discuss options and explain each stage as he carried it out. We are extremely pleased with the result and feel it was great value.Richard even returned a few days later (free of charge) to repolish a large etch mark created by our cat the day after he had completed the job (typical!)Highly recommended.
Justin Rhodes
Justin Rhodes
13:13 05 Aug 19
Excellent job, thanks. Some old quarry tiles were found under carpet during a renovation and we're so pleased we can keep them for the new kitchen, it looks amazing!
Nigel Titley
Nigel Titley
18:13 30 Jan 18
Absolutely brilliant job by Richard. The marble floor was dull and badly scratched due to dust and grit being tramped into it during reinstatement work following a central heating leak and also a badly moved piano. Some of the scratches were too deep to remove, but the rest of the floor is now brilliantly shining again and the scratches are much less visible. Richard worked quickly and explained every stage as he went through the process. He followed up with advice about continuing care of the floor. Very satisfied.