When your wood floors are in need of something to get them back up to standard, there are two options that we offer:

  1. To have a full sand and re-finish: This involves sanding back the floors through a range of grits, to a fine finish and then apply your desired finish i.e. a lacquer, stain, hard wax oil, or wax. This process is necessary when the condition of the floor is beyond cleaning, or is damaged i.e. scratched etc. It is the most costly and time consuming process and can be a bit more disruptive than the next option, although we try and and be as least disruptive as possible.
  2. Deep cleaning and re-finishing: This option is possible when the floors are in a reasonably good condition but perhaps a little dull and worn looking. We can deep clean the floors and then apply a finish to match what is already on the wood i.e. topical seal, hard wax oil or wax. Please note, we cannot apply a seal on top of a wax/oil or vice versa.

We also offer maintenance plans to keep your floors looking the way they should.

We can even clean and seal your laminate floors to freshen them up and give them that added bit of protection.

This is a small sample we did on a parquet floor which shows the amazing difference that deep cleaning and sealing can make.

stone floor cleaning oxford 10

If you are unsure as to whether your floor is suitable for cleaning rather than sanding, then please do contact us and we can advise from photos or arrange a visit.

Loic Robertson
Loic Robertson
08:31 12 Dec 19
Richard and Lucy were a pleasure to deal with throughout. Richard was very courteous and took time to discuss options and explain each stage as he carried it out. We are extremely pleased with the result and feel it was great value.Richard even returned a few days later (free of charge) to repolish a large etch mark created by our cat the day after he had completed the job (typical!)Highly recommended.
Justin Rhodes
Justin Rhodes
13:13 05 Aug 19
Excellent job, thanks. Some old quarry tiles were found under carpet during a renovation and we're so pleased we can keep them for the new kitchen, it looks amazing!
Nigel Titley
Nigel Titley
18:13 30 Jan 18
Absolutely brilliant job by Richard. The marble floor was dull and badly scratched due to dust and grit being tramped into it during reinstatement work following a central heating leak and also a badly moved piano. Some of the scratches were too deep to remove, but the rest of the floor is now brilliantly shining again and the scratches are much less visible. Richard worked quickly and explained every stage as he went through the process. He followed up with advice about continuing care of the floor. Very satisfied.